See ya in a few!

About to embark on a 4.6 (ish) mile journey! I’m currently waiting for a friend who is going to bike alongside me as I run so I decided to bring you up to date on Monday-Today’s running schedule.  Let me remind you- this schedule is what my cross country coach tells us to do, I have no say in it, I just run.

Monday- Run 4.1 Miles, followed by stretching, planks, and some back strengthening excercises

Tuesday- Speed day: Run to beach (~2 miles), run at race pace up 8 hills (a little over .1 up) and recovery jog down, run back to school (~2 miles).  So this run was a little over 5 miles and it was hard! After the 2nd hill I had to tone down my speed up because I felt like I was close to wheezing at the top.  I pushed through though and was so happy to have finished strong- I beasted that 8th hill!  We have absolutely no hills around, so running at the beach like this is the only way to help us prepare for the hills at our races. Afterwards we stretched and complained about how tough it was 🙂 thats 17 year old girls for ya!

Wednesday- ~4 mile recovery run. Simple and relaxing- I was SO tired from Tuesday’s run!  We followed this with planks, abs, and back exercises- gotta get that whole body working!

Thursday- Another speed day, this time 1 mile warm-up followed by about 1.9 miles of threshold pace (we ran about an 8:00 min/mile pace which is what our coach wanted us to) followed by a 1 mile cool-down.

Friday- Another r&r run, a little over 4 miles in a loop where we run on a trail next to the train tracks.  Ugh, I always hate this run because its such a straight shot and I always know exactly where I am so it feels like it takes forever!  Yesterday wasn’t too bad though, I stuck with 3 others girls while the rest of the group spread out. Running next to people, I don’t even have to be talking to them, helps to keep me going.  I’m not sure why!

Saturday/Sunday- My coach told us all to run 5 easy miles either today or tomorrow. I chose today to get it over so I have tomorrow off to do my piles (and I do mean piles!!) of homework.

Coming up this week I’ll have an easy 2 mile rest run on Monday before a 3 mile race on Tuesday.  I’ll try to update you all on how that goes!

That said, I should probably give you guys some times. This season I’ve only raced twice, one within our school that was 2 miles and a real cross country meet that was 3 miles.

2 Mile time (first “race” of the season): 15:36.  I was shocked at my time! Granted it was only 2 miles, I still wasn’t expecting to run that fast the first time out.

3 Mile time: 24:08.  Ehhh, I wasn’t so happy with that but I had just started getting sick the day before and I wasn’t feeling too well so it makes sense that I didn’t run so great. Also, as I said before we don’t have many hills where I run but this meet did have hills so it was challenging acclimating to the change.  Oh well, I have a feeling this race on Tuesday will go well!

Alrighty my friend is here! Off to go run those 4.6 miles!


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