Jealous? Well, You Should Be

Why you ask?

Because I am currently devouring this beauty:

Double Choco-Coconut Oats

Double Choco-Coconut Oats

Even from a shoddy Photo Booth photo I think you can see the deliciousness (I’m having camera issues at the moment, so legit photos will soon make an appearance).

In the mix:

~1/4 cup rolled outs

-Enough H2O to cover the oats

~5 Nestle Chocolate Chunks (like chocolate chips but in chunk form- I prefer them this way)

~ 1/2 Tsp. dried coconut from Whole Foods

– Artisana Cacao Bliss, not quite sure on the amount- 1 tsp perhaps?

‘Twas quite delicious (I’m getting a little inspired through our poetry unit in school).

And yes, by the time I finished writing up the ingredients the bowl was completely empty.  I’m currently trying to scrape up the coconutty chocolatey yumminess that is left on the sides of the bowl.

In other news, my race on Tuesday went great!  I ran the first mile at about a 7: 40 pace, and I’m not sure about the others.  But, I definitely PR-ed for the season (only out of two races, but still).  I may have PR-ed for my entire racing career too, but I don’t remember any of my times from last year. Sad.  I have a race on Saturday that will be much hillier than Tuesday’s race which was completely flat because it took place on a schools sport field area. I’m not sure if I already said this, but all races I talk about through my XC team are 3 miles.

Practice Schedule:

Monday- Pre-race day so we did an easy 2.9 miles. Monday is typically a recovery day where we run about 4 miles, but because of the race we took it a little easier.

Tuesday- Race

Wednesday- Recovery, 4 miles.

Thursday- Threshold! We did a mile warm-up, 2.4 mile threshold- just under an 8 min/mile pace, and about 3/4 mile cool down.  It went really well! I can see how I’ve improved since the start of the season. Naturally I’m not one of those people who breathes incredibly hard and loud when running, but even so I’ve noticed that by the end of hard runs I’ve trained myself to better control my breathing. That is definitely a key part of running long distance races.  Quick mouth breathing only makes you more flustered, but when you focus on your breath and breathe in your nose out and out your mouth you better circulate the air, and therefore, can breathe easier and not ware out so easily.

Friday- Probably a 1.9 mile recovery/easy day because of the race on Saturday. We may do 2.9 again just so we keep training through the race.

Saturday- Race

AHH, ok so I spent way too much time writing this and now have tons of work to do! AP calc and lit are kicking my already sore behind! (sore from running, just to clarify lol)


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