F=ma life

Currently listening to: Meet Me Halfway- Black Eyed Peas

Soooo good! At first I really didn’t like it even though all my friends were like oh em geee!!!!!! Welcome to high school.

Speaking of high school, proper nutrition during teenage years is so important! For that very reason I determined eating these would be a great idea:

Gummy Vites!Yes… That would be a gummy bear.  A Calcium gummy bear to be exact. L’il Critters makes both vitand calcium gummies, and yes, I have both.  My friend coerced me into buying them. Target baby! Definitely not the most healthy way to supplement my nutrients, but I figured if I’m going to eat gummy bears (a favorite of mine) that I might as well get some nutrients out of them. To be honest, I just eat them because I like them- not necessarily for the calcium or vitamins. My mom always used to have me take a calcium and vitamin C pill, but for some reason I haven’t been taking them as often recently. However, I do eat a lot of dairy and drink milk, although normally less than 3 cups a day which is bad, bad, bad.  Lightbulb! While I don’t necessarily have the time to track everything I eat via blog, I’ll work hard to track my calcium intake daily. Maybe just a blurb a day like “3 glasses today!” or “ughhh only 1 glass, off to drink more!”  Something like that.

Not following what I just said, I decided to finally put down what I ate today because I’m trying to be more aware of what I eat. I tend to snack, snack, snack mindlessly before and after xc practice. Ok, so here goes.

Breakfast: Ezekial French Toast: 1 egg mixed with <1/4 skim milk and a shake of cinnamon. Added 2 pieces of ezekial bread to the mixture, turned over, and cooked in a skillet sprayed with PAM. I only ended up eating about 1.5 of the pieces because the 2nd piece didn’t get eggy enough so started to burn a little and tasted yucky. I do say though that the first piece was so good! That bread could have been a yummy, buttery brioche for all I knew. I’ll probably make this again tomorrow.

Lunch: Leftovers from last night- 1/3 cup Whole Grain Spinach Rotini that had some corn, a little zucchini, and feta. I added about 1.5 tbs of Mario Batali Marinara because the pasta didn’t really have any sauce.  I also had a packet of Trader Joe’s 100 cal oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. There pretty good. Very crunchy. I like chewy cookies. Decent though, its interesting because they have raisin paste in the cookies. Maybe to cut out some of the fat?

Pre-Run: H2O, 1 string cheese, 1 TJ triple ginger cookies, there tiny, 1 inch in diameter? (most delicious little cookies ever!)

Post-Run: I knew I needed something heavier but lighter on carbs since thats what I had for brekkie and lunch so I had 1 Dr. Praeger’s California burger plus 1 handful spinach, 3 tbs Fage 0% Yogurt, topped with a sprinkle of cayenne and cumin.

Post, Post-Run, aka snack: Umm… this is where it gets a wee bit hazy…. My mom had some delicious farmer’s marker asiago and parm out with some Stoned Wheat Crackers (my fav!). I cannot deny my love for this cheese. Its more crumbly and much milder than regular asiago and parm, so much more friendly to eat in bigger amounts…. I had a decent amount, no idea exactly how much, with 1.5 crackers and an apple slice.

Dinner: TBD, my mom and grandparents are going to dinner ahora so there brining me food back since I have hw to do.

Hence, the reason for my title.  Anyone know the physics equation F=ma? Purdy fun, eh? Ugh, I have these hw assignments for physics called webassign which we get each week. Its online and you have 5 tries to get the correct answer to the problem, and there are usually between 15-25 problems.  So thats what I’m working on! So far I have 21/25 points, yay me! Gotta get back to work though.  See ya later bloggies. Also, please, please, please help me get my blog out in the world! How should I advertise???

Thanks guys,



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