Blah Day

You know those days where you just feel like… blah? I had one of those. I’m so tired, overworked, stressed, and the light at the end seems so far away. Maybe its the gross weather- a constant drizzle and its dark and depressing.

However, I managed to have a productive day from 8:30-11:00.

I took my car to the dealership for its initial check up (VW Tiguans rockkkkk, no problems at all!), then I had some time between that and the oral surgeon so of course…. I went to Trader Joe’s! They changed up 2 of the aisles on me, it was weird! I could only get non-perishable items, but that didn’t stop me from spending $57… Woopsies. While there I discovered the meaning to life whole grain chocolate chip cookie bites.  If you go to TJ’s, I highly recommend them. They come in a smaller container, like 1.5 times the height of the container of the other meaning to life mini peanut butter cups.  They have this browned butter/sugar, almost like caramel, taste that is unbelievable. You wouldn’t know they where made out of 100% whole wheat flour. There are also some oats thrown in there too. Yummy! I also purchased some pumpkin butter. Which was then turned into the weirdest yet most delicious dinner.

I threw some carrots, cabbage, yellow bell pepper, and onion into a skillet with a tsp of canola oil. Cooked that up for a few minutes with salt and pepper then added soy sauce and yes. PUMPKIN BUTTER. TJ’s variety is thinner than regular canned pumpkin so it made a nice glaze, kind of like adding hoisin but instead of plum its pumpkin.  It was delicious! Try it, I swear you’ll enjoy it. I ate it alongside some quinoa and spinach. Healthy, eh?  Plus a few TJ’s heaven cookies.

Alrighty now I’m off to hang out with some friends and maybe get some work done later, who knows. I’m quite the procrasinator.

See ya!


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