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Alternative to Pumpkin Bread Needed!!!

Ok… I’m going to confess- I have an addiction. A serious one. One that I will need the support of many to overcome.

That addiction being my complete devotion to pumpkin bread. I guess you can throw zucchini bread in there too, but ’tis the season for that delicious, warm, sweet, soft, fall snack. Yes, a snack, not a dessert as it often is eaten morning, noon, and night around here.

So, here’s the problem. I baked a single batch on Friday that made three regular sized loaves. Within one day, an entire loaf was gone (minus the heel which made a wonderful addition to oatmeal Sunday morning). Let me just say, I was the only one eating it. I ate an ENTIRE loaf in just about 24 hours. And I don’t even feel bad about it. I just feel like I may need to find a way to satiate this desire when I run out of pumpkin bread (which will be soon, as only 1 whole loaf is left).

In attempts to not eat the last slice of loaf #2 that is staring at me asking to be eaten, I mixed up some canned pumpkin puree and a little Fage 0% greek yogurt. I added a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar but, much to my dismay, it simply is not the same. So, after painfully admitting my situation, I am asking for all of your help. Any suggestions for pumpkin bread alternatives that will keep me happy without the cups of oil, eggs, and flour? Anything, and I mean anything, will be good.



About to turn orange.

(Meaning: this morning I had pumpkin oats, for lunch/afternoon snack I had homemade butternut squash and carrot soup, then mucho pumpkin bread. Maybe an orange complexion will help me look more tan??)


It Only Gets Easier

My race today went great! I was super worried because yesterday during our short less-than 2 mile run my shins were killing me.  Typically it has only been one small spot on the inner side of my shin that hurts, but yesterday it was both shins all the way down. Must have been a killer 2.5 mile threshold practice on Thursday! Anyway, during my warm-up jog my shins still hurt even with some serious icing last night and advil.  I was seriously considering not running the race at all, but it was such a perfect, chilly running day and my mind just wouldn’t let me not run. One thing you all should know about me is that I am extremely stubborn in some areas of my life. I may be slightly timid in school, but when it comes to working out, running, or pushing myself I get really intense.  I push myself to the limit and try really hard in everything I do, so therefore, I couldn’t give up today.

After talking with my coach for a little, we both determined I’d be fine to just get out there and see how my shins felt during the race.  I took the first .25 mile pretty easy and guess what?! I didn’t feel my shins at all after the first .1 mile of the race! It was great.  The race went so well! The course was very flat besides a steep, short hill with a long, easy down slope.  We ran up this three times and each time I sprinted the hill and passed at least one person!  One really important thing is racing is to push up those hills because all the other girls usually slow down! Use the opportunity to get ahead, and let the down carry you and speed you up.  Here are my splits for you all- this was a micr0 chip race so I’ll have a more accurate final time for you, but this is about what it should be minus a few seconds

Mile 1: 8:03

Mile 2: 7:48 (yay for negative splits!)

Mile 3: Ok, I’m failing at doing math right now but my finals was 23:45 ish so if you want to figure out the mile time, go ahead 🙂

What I noticed during this race is that each race has been getting easier and easier!  This race was just so easy! I mean I tried my heart out (the last 100 meters I thought I was going to throw up) and of course I played a few mind games with myself, but never once did I want to stop or think about how I didn’t want to be running the race.  I was focused and determined to get to the end.  For all of you just starting racing or running in general, just know it gets better and better each time you run!

Now I’m home, doing some AP physics homework (ewww, webassign!), eating some delish mini cupcakes, and listening to Super Mash Bros’ new album that you can download for free (warning- its chock full of bad/dirty language, but I love mixes like this! Think Girl Talk-esque).  The cupcakes are from Trader Joe’s Vanilla bean cake mix. Pure yumminess:

Such a little cupcaker

Such a little cupcaker

Tomorrow and Monday will be a much needed rest day for my shins, which I am feeling a little bit now, because I’m visiting Vanderbilt! Yayyy! I’ll let you all know how I like it. Currently its on the top of my list along with Washington U in St. Louis, UVA, and Dartmouth (yeahhh right).

And to follow with the first part of my post, what do you do for shin splints? Please leave a response so I can better prepare my leggies for a meet on Tuesday!