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Soooo good! At first I really didn’t like it even though all my friends were like oh em geee!!!!!! Welcome to high school.

Speaking of high school, proper nutrition during teenage years is so important! For that very reason I determined eating these would be a great idea:

Gummy Vites!Yes… That would be a gummy bear.  A Calcium gummy bear to be exact. L’il Critters makes both vitand calcium gummies, and yes, I have both.  My friend coerced me into buying them. Target baby! Definitely not the most healthy way to supplement my nutrients, but I figured if I’m going to eat gummy bears (a favorite of mine) that I might as well get some nutrients out of them. To be honest, I just eat them because I like them- not necessarily for the calcium or vitamins. My mom always used to have me take a calcium and vitamin C pill, but for some reason I haven’t been taking them as often recently. However, I do eat a lot of dairy and drink milk, although normally less than 3 cups a day which is bad, bad, bad.  Lightbulb! While I don’t necessarily have the time to track everything I eat via blog, I’ll work hard to track my calcium intake daily. Maybe just a blurb a day like “3 glasses today!” or “ughhh only 1 glass, off to drink more!”  Something like that.

Not following what I just said, I decided to finally put down what I ate today because I’m trying to be more aware of what I eat. I tend to snack, snack, snack mindlessly before and after xc practice. Ok, so here goes.

Breakfast: Ezekial French Toast: 1 egg mixed with <1/4 skim milk and a shake of cinnamon. Added 2 pieces of ezekial bread to the mixture, turned over, and cooked in a skillet sprayed with PAM. I only ended up eating about 1.5 of the pieces because the 2nd piece didn’t get eggy enough so started to burn a little and tasted yucky. I do say though that the first piece was so good! That bread could have been a yummy, buttery brioche for all I knew. I’ll probably make this again tomorrow.

Lunch: Leftovers from last night- 1/3 cup Whole Grain Spinach Rotini that had some corn, a little zucchini, and feta. I added about 1.5 tbs of Mario Batali Marinara because the pasta didn’t really have any sauce.  I also had a packet of Trader Joe’s 100 cal oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. There pretty good. Very crunchy. I like chewy cookies. Decent though, its interesting because they have raisin paste in the cookies. Maybe to cut out some of the fat?

Pre-Run: H2O, 1 string cheese, 1 TJ triple ginger cookies, there tiny, 1 inch in diameter? (most delicious little cookies ever!)

Post-Run: I knew I needed something heavier but lighter on carbs since thats what I had for brekkie and lunch so I had 1 Dr. Praeger’s California burger plus 1 handful spinach, 3 tbs Fage 0% Yogurt, topped with a sprinkle of cayenne and cumin.

Post, Post-Run, aka snack: Umm… this is where it gets a wee bit hazy…. My mom had some delicious farmer’s marker asiago and parm out with some Stoned Wheat Crackers (my fav!). I cannot deny my love for this cheese. Its more crumbly and much milder than regular asiago and parm, so much more friendly to eat in bigger amounts…. I had a decent amount, no idea exactly how much, with 1.5 crackers and an apple slice.

Dinner: TBD, my mom and grandparents are going to dinner ahora so there brining me food back since I have hw to do.

Hence, the reason for my title.  Anyone know the physics equation F=ma? Purdy fun, eh? Ugh, I have these hw assignments for physics called webassign which we get each week. Its online and you have 5 tries to get the correct answer to the problem, and there are usually between 15-25 problems.  So thats what I’m working on! So far I have 21/25 points, yay me! Gotta get back to work though.  See ya later bloggies. Also, please, please, please help me get my blog out in the world! How should I advertise???

Thanks guys,



The Perfect Dessert

Want an alternative to eating those buttery and delicious chocolate chip cookies?

Microwave 2-3 tbs of oats in some water. Top with Artisana Cacao Bliss or chocolate chips, coconut, butterscotch chips, basically whatever you want! Your still eating a sweet treat, just minus the calorie laden butter, nutritionless white flour, and other ingredients that really aren’t necessary. Also, I just read an article (sorry, can’t find it!) that said the carbs in oatmeal may help you fall asleep easier.  Basically, this dessert rocks all around. Just don’t go too overboard with the toppings! I especially wouldn’t add any nut butters since the fat in it will just sit in your body overnight instead fueling your daily movement like when you eat it in the morning.

Other news: AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME race last Saturday! OMG, I felt so amazing after it. I ran in the top 7 varsity race (ahhh!) because our real varsity team was at another meet and was so nervous beforehand. What I have loved about xc this season is how my group works so much as a team. The top 7 girls were the girls I’ve been running with all season, and we all stuck near eachother the first mile or two. I helped motivate one girl in my group who was having trouble breathing and wanted to quit- even a simple reminder to breathe in her nose out her mouth seemed to help her tremendously.  Seriously, running isn’t just an individual sport- you need your team members to push through it when it gets hard. I am so unbelievably thankful for the amazing support of my team (who ranges from sophomores to seniors, no less!). Even though the course was extremely hilly (the toughest meet of the entire season by far), I still ran 23:40!!! I led the girls from my school the whole first and second mile, then ran alongside another teammate until the last 1/4 mile when she pushed forward and sprinted to the finish. Major props! I was too dead to full out sprint to the end, but held my own to the finish and only 1 girl passed me in the last 300 yards.

Also- The meet last tuesday I ran a 23: 15 or so! How cool is that? A PR by far. My coach this year has been amazing. He’s new to the team but has ran in a marathon and just did a half last month where he finished top 10  in his age group. Rock on!

Conference a week from this coming Saturday, so we’re starting to taper and do speedwork. Today we did 8×400 about 1:43 each with 2 min rest in between. Tomorrow is recovery run and then we have 2 more speed work outs between tomorrow and conference. The rest will just be nice easy runs. The season is coming to a close, but I don’t want it to end!!!! This has been my favorite sport season and I’m sad I’m just starting to enjoy xc when this is my last year. I hope I have time to be on some time of intramural or club sport during college, now that I’m through my awkward stage.

Ugh, now I have to start my hw (fml anyone?) Its already 9 PM grrrrr. AP physics=no fun when you do poorly on a few 10 point quizzes in a row, and AP lit comp=OBNOXIOUS when you have a 400 pg book to read, 10 1 page poetry journals to write, and a 4-5 page participation essay all do on the same day (a week from wednesday), and no, I have not started. WOOHOOO. BUT DON’T WORRY, I have a four day weekend (and the SAT II’s, klajdlajdsf;ljalksdjfl;)

Ok, I’ll stop complaining and do my work. Adios chicos!

It Only Gets Easier

My race today went great! I was super worried because yesterday during our short less-than 2 mile run my shins were killing me.  Typically it has only been one small spot on the inner side of my shin that hurts, but yesterday it was both shins all the way down. Must have been a killer 2.5 mile threshold practice on Thursday! Anyway, during my warm-up jog my shins still hurt even with some serious icing last night and advil.  I was seriously considering not running the race at all, but it was such a perfect, chilly running day and my mind just wouldn’t let me not run. One thing you all should know about me is that I am extremely stubborn in some areas of my life. I may be slightly timid in school, but when it comes to working out, running, or pushing myself I get really intense.  I push myself to the limit and try really hard in everything I do, so therefore, I couldn’t give up today.

After talking with my coach for a little, we both determined I’d be fine to just get out there and see how my shins felt during the race.  I took the first .25 mile pretty easy and guess what?! I didn’t feel my shins at all after the first .1 mile of the race! It was great.  The race went so well! The course was very flat besides a steep, short hill with a long, easy down slope.  We ran up this three times and each time I sprinted the hill and passed at least one person!  One really important thing is racing is to push up those hills because all the other girls usually slow down! Use the opportunity to get ahead, and let the down carry you and speed you up.  Here are my splits for you all- this was a micr0 chip race so I’ll have a more accurate final time for you, but this is about what it should be minus a few seconds

Mile 1: 8:03

Mile 2: 7:48 (yay for negative splits!)

Mile 3: Ok, I’m failing at doing math right now but my finals was 23:45 ish so if you want to figure out the mile time, go ahead 🙂

What I noticed during this race is that each race has been getting easier and easier!  This race was just so easy! I mean I tried my heart out (the last 100 meters I thought I was going to throw up) and of course I played a few mind games with myself, but never once did I want to stop or think about how I didn’t want to be running the race.  I was focused and determined to get to the end.  For all of you just starting racing or running in general, just know it gets better and better each time you run!

Now I’m home, doing some AP physics homework (ewww, webassign!), eating some delish mini cupcakes, and listening to Super Mash Bros’ new album that you can download for free (warning- its chock full of bad/dirty language, but I love mixes like this! Think Girl Talk-esque).  The cupcakes are from Trader Joe’s Vanilla bean cake mix. Pure yumminess:

Such a little cupcaker

Such a little cupcaker

Tomorrow and Monday will be a much needed rest day for my shins, which I am feeling a little bit now, because I’m visiting Vanderbilt! Yayyy! I’ll let you all know how I like it. Currently its on the top of my list along with Washington U in St. Louis, UVA, and Dartmouth (yeahhh right).

And to follow with the first part of my post, what do you do for shin splints? Please leave a response so I can better prepare my leggies for a meet on Tuesday!

Jealous? Well, You Should Be

Why you ask?

Because I am currently devouring this beauty:

Double Choco-Coconut Oats

Double Choco-Coconut Oats

Even from a shoddy Photo Booth photo I think you can see the deliciousness (I’m having camera issues at the moment, so legit photos will soon make an appearance).

In the mix:

~1/4 cup rolled outs

-Enough H2O to cover the oats

~5 Nestle Chocolate Chunks (like chocolate chips but in chunk form- I prefer them this way)

~ 1/2 Tsp. dried coconut from Whole Foods

– Artisana Cacao Bliss, not quite sure on the amount- 1 tsp perhaps?

‘Twas quite delicious (I’m getting a little inspired through our poetry unit in school).

And yes, by the time I finished writing up the ingredients the bowl was completely empty.  I’m currently trying to scrape up the coconutty chocolatey yumminess that is left on the sides of the bowl.

In other news, my race on Tuesday went great!  I ran the first mile at about a 7: 40 pace, and I’m not sure about the others.  But, I definitely PR-ed for the season (only out of two races, but still).  I may have PR-ed for my entire racing career too, but I don’t remember any of my times from last year. Sad.  I have a race on Saturday that will be much hillier than Tuesday’s race which was completely flat because it took place on a schools sport field area. I’m not sure if I already said this, but all races I talk about through my XC team are 3 miles.

Practice Schedule:

Monday- Pre-race day so we did an easy 2.9 miles. Monday is typically a recovery day where we run about 4 miles, but because of the race we took it a little easier.

Tuesday- Race

Wednesday- Recovery, 4 miles.

Thursday- Threshold! We did a mile warm-up, 2.4 mile threshold- just under an 8 min/mile pace, and about 3/4 mile cool down.  It went really well! I can see how I’ve improved since the start of the season. Naturally I’m not one of those people who breathes incredibly hard and loud when running, but even so I’ve noticed that by the end of hard runs I’ve trained myself to better control my breathing. That is definitely a key part of running long distance races.  Quick mouth breathing only makes you more flustered, but when you focus on your breath and breathe in your nose out and out your mouth you better circulate the air, and therefore, can breathe easier and not ware out so easily.

Friday- Probably a 1.9 mile recovery/easy day because of the race on Saturday. We may do 2.9 again just so we keep training through the race.

Saturday- Race

AHH, ok so I spent way too much time writing this and now have tons of work to do! AP calc and lit are kicking my already sore behind! (sore from running, just to clarify lol)

See ya in a few!

About to embark on a 4.6 (ish) mile journey! I’m currently waiting for a friend who is going to bike alongside me as I run so I decided to bring you up to date on Monday-Today’s running schedule.  Let me remind you- this schedule is what my cross country coach tells us to do, I have no say in it, I just run.

Monday- Run 4.1 Miles, followed by stretching, planks, and some back strengthening excercises

Tuesday- Speed day: Run to beach (~2 miles), run at race pace up 8 hills (a little over .1 up) and recovery jog down, run back to school (~2 miles).  So this run was a little over 5 miles and it was hard! After the 2nd hill I had to tone down my speed up because I felt like I was close to wheezing at the top.  I pushed through though and was so happy to have finished strong- I beasted that 8th hill!  We have absolutely no hills around, so running at the beach like this is the only way to help us prepare for the hills at our races. Afterwards we stretched and complained about how tough it was 🙂 thats 17 year old girls for ya!

Wednesday- ~4 mile recovery run. Simple and relaxing- I was SO tired from Tuesday’s run!  We followed this with planks, abs, and back exercises- gotta get that whole body working!

Thursday- Another speed day, this time 1 mile warm-up followed by about 1.9 miles of threshold pace (we ran about an 8:00 min/mile pace which is what our coach wanted us to) followed by a 1 mile cool-down.

Friday- Another r&r run, a little over 4 miles in a loop where we run on a trail next to the train tracks.  Ugh, I always hate this run because its such a straight shot and I always know exactly where I am so it feels like it takes forever!  Yesterday wasn’t too bad though, I stuck with 3 others girls while the rest of the group spread out. Running next to people, I don’t even have to be talking to them, helps to keep me going.  I’m not sure why!

Saturday/Sunday- My coach told us all to run 5 easy miles either today or tomorrow. I chose today to get it over so I have tomorrow off to do my piles (and I do mean piles!!) of homework.

Coming up this week I’ll have an easy 2 mile rest run on Monday before a 3 mile race on Tuesday.  I’ll try to update you all on how that goes!

That said, I should probably give you guys some times. This season I’ve only raced twice, one within our school that was 2 miles and a real cross country meet that was 3 miles.

2 Mile time (first “race” of the season): 15:36.  I was shocked at my time! Granted it was only 2 miles, I still wasn’t expecting to run that fast the first time out.

3 Mile time: 24:08.  Ehhh, I wasn’t so happy with that but I had just started getting sick the day before and I wasn’t feeling too well so it makes sense that I didn’t run so great. Also, as I said before we don’t have many hills where I run but this meet did have hills so it was challenging acclimating to the change.  Oh well, I have a feeling this race on Tuesday will go well!

Alrighty my friend is here! Off to go run those 4.6 miles!

Oh- Hey there!

Welcome to the beginning of what I hope to be a fun, fun journey.  Mind, Body, and School is to be my way of sharing my passion for healthy living on a day-to-day basis. While I am only 17 years old, I already have become obsessed with Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and blogs like Kath Eats, Eat Live Run, Carrots ‘n’ Cake (I could go on and on!). I welcome you to join my confusing, sporadic, and exciting life as I complete my final year of high school and prepare for the next step in my life- college.

Join me and I promise I will never, ever post anything that looks like this again:

No, I did not throw up on a bunch of haphazardly placed spring mix.

No, I did not throw up on a bunch of haphazardly placed spring mix.

Never. Again. Do not fear.


On that note, I will leave you for the comfort of my soft bed- look forward to my first (appetizing) food post in the morning!

Buenas Noches,